Discipline & Regularity

The students of Navjyoti School are expected to conduct themselves as good citizens at all times and in all places. The school insists on punctuality, regular school attendance, cleanliness in dress and fidelity to study and work assisgnments.
  1. The students are expected to be in the school 10 minutes before the assembly. Those who come after the bell will not be admitted in the class. IF a student is late due to some urgent reason she/he should bring a letter stating the reason for delay for her/his guardian. Teachers will not admit the late comers without the permission of the principal.
  2. All students equip themselves with everything that is necessary for their studies. They must use their own materials and be responsible for their books, money, clothes and other articles.
  3. No pupil may absent herself/himself from school without leave of absence and no leave of absence will be granted except on a written application from parents or guardians and for important reasons. In case of prolonged illness, the Principal should be informed. A child who has been absent from the class may not be readmitted without a note from the parent/guardian stating the reason for absence. A notes should be sent as soon as an absence of a week or longer seems likely. Absence without leave will be considered a grave breach of discipline.
  4. Pupils who leave the school without notice or whose names are struck off from the rolls for unexplained absence of more than 10 consecutive days is, as a rule, not readmitted.
  5. No student is permitted to be absent immediately before or after any vacation. In such cases a student’s name may be cancelled from the rolls. Students who may be permitted to return to school will be charged a late fine of Rs. 50 for the first day and Rs. 25 for days therafter. No medical certificate will be accepted for absence on such occasions. (Example: summer/puja holidays etc.)
  6. Students learn responsibility by caring for their own possessions and school properties. Any student who is found to have caused damage of any kind in class or in the school premises has to make remuneration for the damage. No student may write or draw, scratch or spoil any furniture or the walls. Neither should they damage or steel any property belonging to others. All damages done even by accident should be reported to the Principal. Each class will be responsible for looking after their class property.
  7. Students up to class VIII are required to use only fountain pen for writing.
  8. Use of chewing gums or use of stickers even on the books or note books is forbidden.
  9. Every pupil must posses a copy of the school diary which is to be brought to class on all school days. No pupil is permitted to tear any page from the diary. Breach of this rule will necessitate the purchase of a new diary.
  10. All pupils must come to school in their school uniform.
  11. All are expected to converse in English inside the school premises. Nepali may be spoken during the Nepali lessons only. If a student is caught speaking Nepali, she/he may be duly punished.
  12. Politeness and courtesy of speech and conduct as well as personal cleanliness are expected of all students.
  13. Once the students report to school, they must not leave the school premises without the permission of the principal. Those who leave the premises without permission will not be admitted to class the next day without a written note form the Principal. The school will not be responsible for the safety for the offenders in this respect.
  14. Games and sports items provided from the school are to be used only during school hours.
  15. Students who travel by the school bus must do so, on their assigned trips only. Once the name is given for the bus for the year, it may not be withdrawn. If you do so, a fine of two months’ fee may be charged. Students should use only the front door of the bus for entry and exit. They should always take care not to put their heads and arms out through the window. They should cross the road when the road is clear.
  16. Students are expected to keep all their belongings neat and clean. Books and notebooks should be covered. No pages should be torn off from them. There should not be any unnecessary writings in them. No articles other than text books and school library books may be brought to school without the permission of the Principal or the teacher. Any such article will be disposed off. Any circulars or literature of any kind should be distributed within the school campus.
  17. Cycles must be kept locked in the cycle stand. Students are not permitted to ride the cycle within the school compound. The school will not allow the student to ride motor cycles or scooters or any such vehicle to and from the school.
  18. Students should normally reside with their parents. If for any reason the child is not living under the guardianship of her/his parents the school should be notified and guardians should be introduced to the Principal.
  19. The students are expected to conduct themselves as gentlemen and ladies at all times. There should be no yelling, shouting, fighting, playing of games or throwing of objects inside the school building. Class room should be considered as a place where learning takes place. Any kind of misconduct in the class room or on the verandah will be duly punished.
  20. Complete silence and disciplined behavior is expected in the library, computer room and labs. Any kind of misconduct or mishandling of things or breakage will be punishable by a fine or replacement of the item.
  21. After the bell for beginning of class or after the break, the students must move silently to the assembly or to the class.
  22. No student may absent herself/himself from the scheduled classes or obligatory school functions. Those who are late or have been absent the previous day will not be admitted without an admit slip from the Principal or the Vice-Principal. Absence or tardiness has to be satisfactorily explained by the students’ parents.
  23. Application for special leave must be made in advance by parents or guardians. Such leave will be given only for serious reasons.
  24. Students are expected to spend at least three hours a day for homework and study after the school hours.
  25. Students will not join sports clubs or join outside teams without the permission of the Principal. Gambling of any kind is forbidden.
  26. The students are prohibited to smoke or use alcoholic drinks and drugs in or outside school compound.
  27. No collection for any collection may be made in the school. Meetings, demonstrations, party or picnics may not be held inside the school premises without the prior permission of the Principal.