About the Fee

Established on 04.01.1988 with the motto of For God and Country, Service before Self, Navjyoti School is recognized by the Department of School Education of Nepal. Sister Rosita was the first Principal of the school while Sister Sunita served as the first Principal of the high school. The school has so far sent 10 batches of students for SLC examination. Given below is the list of Principals who have served Navjyoti School, Dharan.

Medium of Instruction

The medium are ordinarily admitted to junior Kinder Garten. All the students seeking admission must register themselves through a prescribed form. An admission test is administered to ensure the aptitude of the child for instruction in this school. Interview of both the parents is a prerequisite for admission.
Norms for Promotion

The general criterion for promotion is that a student has grasped the subject matters of the present class sufficiently well to follow the subjects in the next class easily. The school conducts tests and terminal examinations. At the end of each term a report card is given. Promotion is determined by the marks received in terminal examinations. A student who passes in all subjects (45% of marks) is eligible for promotion for next class. The students will receive grades for their performance in the school examinations.