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About Fee


The school charges fee for all twelve months of the calendar year. Admission and establishment fee is paid only once at the time of admission of the child. Other fee introduced in the annual fee structure will be charged every year. A fee card will be supplied to each student at the beginning of each year. In case of it being lost, a new one can be obtained by paying Rs. 10/-. The card will be kept in the school office and issued to each child at the beginning of each month with the specification of the amount to be paid written on it. All fees must be paid by the 10th of each month of the English calendar. After this date a late fine of Rs. 20/- will be charged with the previous month. You are encouraged to pay the full year’s fee in advance.

No deduction in school fee will be made due to absence. Any child leaving the school within six months during the year will be required to pay six months’ fee and thereafter full fees for the year. Transfer certificate will not be issued until all school dues are paid in full. The school reserves the right to increase fees any time if it  is necessary for meeting the rising cost/ or payment of higher salaries.

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