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NAVJYOTI  SCHOOL Steps into its *** "SILVER YEAR" *** from 4th Jan. 2011. Navjyoti School invites its FORMOR STUDENTS to ENROLL in its ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

an imageNavjyoti School began in the year 1985 as a special school to cater to the educational needs of the intellectually challenged children of Dharan Municipality. 25 children were admitted to this special school on a day care basis. The objective of the school was to provide a learning atmosphere for the socially alienated children hidden away in their homes so as to equip them with skills for self reliance. However, in the year 1987, as part of government's effort to consolidate special education, Navjyoti Special School was taken over by the Government of Nepal.

It was then that the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth focussed their ministry to the needs of education of normal children. Thus in January 1988, Navjyoti School began its function as an institution offering formal education. The school began with a total of 15 children from the then neighbourhood of Narayan Chowk. The steady growth of the school meant that the premises had to be shifted to Mahadev Chowk where it is now in order to accommodate the growing strength of the school. The total number of students today is 680. Navjyoti School is owned by Nepal Nazareth Society.